I always thought that I'd live to see the day when fireballs became a reality, but I never guessed that someone would one day figure out how to grow a 1UP Mushroom. Think Geek is selling the kit for only 8.99, which includes a green pipe planter, spores, and a solution that transforms the seedlings, in a dark room for a couple of weeks, into what you see above. I have little doubt in my mind that eating one of these could quite possibly grant me another 80-something years of life. Now will someone please invent an invincibility star?


Anonymous said...

Does it really look like that when it grows? That's awesome!

jason.jackowski said...

Samwise. Just tried to purchase one as a gift.
and, apparently, I am a huge moron!

it's a fake!

Sam's Myth said...

Apparenly I am too a huge moron. From now on I guess I should check the links I post more carefully! Too bad though.

Keith said...

Damn. There goes my gift for Zach.