Now available in my shop is an 18x24" screenprint of the BLACK SWAN poster I made for my 2010 Top Ten project. Three colors, printed on 100 lb French pink lemonade cover stock, signed and numbered limited edition of 30. It will be for sale until Monday, February 14th and shipped out immediately before I head off to Europe for a month. Head over to my shop if you'd like one.

P.S. To readers who have asked about my MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO and BEFORE SUNRISE / BEFORE SUNSET prints, I apologize for the ongoing delays. I had planned to offer these to sell this month as well, but I've been having problems getting the color fields looking exactly as I intended them when printed on an offset machine by a third party. Such is the nature of the beast, trying to find the best way to print a particular design, and as these are two of my favorite designs that I know a lot of people are interested in, I want to make sure they're done right. This might very well lead to me just screenprinting some here in Nashville when I have the next opportunity. Thanks for your patience and support!


16timesaweek said...

Just submitted my order. Looks great, very excited!

mythopolis said...

This is gorgeous and captures the psychological drama of the character. Nice job!

Gould said...

Pleaseeeeeee the House poster on sale !!!

Jules said...

Sam, this one is lovely. Any chance the Winter's Bone poster might become available soon too? That one really blew me away.

jon said...

Hey Sam
Have you got any of those Black Swan left? An AP perhaps, Anything really?

I only just come across your stuff, nice. What country you based in?