Here's a new theatrical poster I made for Kino for CHARLOTTE RAMPLING: THE LOOK. Subtitled as "a self-portrait through others," it's a lovely kind of documentary -portrait with Rampling, one of the finest and most beautiful English actresses, talking with other artists and friends about creativity, art, performance, film, and life. Read more about the film in this Guardian piece and check playdates here.


MY BIG BREAK said...

Love this poster. I was JUST thinking about Charlotte Rampling- what a stunning and fascinating actress. I haven't seen her work since "Under The Sand". I was thinking about doing a piece about her on my blog - something about age and beauty. I love the way she's let herself just age naturally and looks beautiful and compelling instead of freakish like so many surgically altered actresses do. Thanks for the reminder about her!

Sam's Myth said...

That's one of the main topics of this film... aging and beauty... you will love it!