Here's a poster design I made to promote the Belcourt Theatre's Robert Bresson festival currently underway in Nashville, TN. Update: A limited run of these screenprints will be available beginning Sunday April 1st exclusively at the Belcourt. If you're not in Nashville but would like to purchase a print, contact Toby Leonard at toby [at] belcourt [dot] org.

For more info on this great fest and its films and symposiums, read here.


Gould said...

Unfortunately Bresson's best and most overlooked movie Four nights of a dreamer is not featured.

I was lucky enough to see it at the French Cinematheque a couple of years ago. Strangely enough this movie is unavailable anywhere...See it if you can!

Gould said...

Bresson booed at Cannes.

Four nights of a dreamer... but in Italian!

Gould said...


Grace | employment posters said...

I was not able to witness any Bresson’s movie but I think its worth to watch. Your posters are simple, yet very meaningful.