Here is an illustration I was commissioned to create for the Japanese 35mm release of Robert Bresson's FOUR NIGHTS OF A DREAMER ("BYAKUYA" in Japanese). My first piece of art made specifically for a Japanese audience, I couldn't be more proud to be involved with this restoration of Bresson's most rarely seen (and uncharacteristically romantic) feature, coming to Eurospace theatres just after the esteemed retrospective of Bresson's films made its way around the US. This illustration, as well as the drawings below featuring some memorable images from the film, will be featured in the program book for this release. Learn more at Byakuya2012.


Gould said...

Had a chance to see a rare print a the french cinematheque. Bresson's best kept secret movie. Nice poster.

Gould said...

is there any criterion in the works by the way?