Cinema Sound is back with a vengeance! Use the Soundcloud widget below to stream or download Cinema Sound 2012, an hour-long continuous mix of some of the best instrumental film music of the year. To listen THE COOL WAY, don't look at the tracklisting above; Just enjoy the mix as one piece and see what you recognize. But the tracklist above will help you identify anything that you like, and I encourage listeners to please support the commercial releases of these soundtracks (one of which I'll be designing new cover art for as my first project of 2013).

For this mix I wanted things to segue nicely, and so certain memorable cues may be absent in the interest of the greater flow. A "director's cut" of this mix is likely to follow, which may include other tracks I couldn't include here. Enjoy... and for more past and future score mixes, visit and follow Cinema Sound.

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