Alright, first things first: I will be regularly posting about artists I love and showing off some of their work that I admire, and there's no better person to start with than Mike Davis-- Nashville native, Minneapolis DJ superstar, and member of the design collective Burlesque of North America.

Mike was an upperclassman when I was just entering high school in 1995, and on a daily basis I would study and observe Mike's picnic table graffiti in an effort to absorb as much as I could of his natural gifts with lettering, penmanship and color. These days, branded as Twelve Car Pileup, he's a nationally recognized poster artist and core member of Minneapolis' print shop and gallery Burlesque--having created not just yearly posters for Bonnaroo but their stage identities too-- and author of the stellar retro-design blog So Much Pileup, a must-bookmark for any lover of late-60's to early-80's design ephemera, logos, book covers, album art, and international stamp design. Just last year, my unparalleled love for Mike combined with my unparalleled love for tiny vinyl toys when KidRobot issued a keychain series based on an ABC's print that Mike designed for his baby cousin (Getcha one here!)

Without further ado, here are some designs of Mike's that I love, and I know you will too:


mythopolis said...

Great stuff, and the Henry Fonda Theater poster trips me out the most! Keep it comin'!!

The Pressure™ said...

Mike Davis is a bespectacled BEAST that shoots mind-boggling awesome-breath at your face.