Not long ago I was introduced to the poster art of German designer Hans Hillmann thanks to Adrian Curry's great Movie Poster of the Week series, and now I can say that he's one of my biggest design heroes and, hopefully one day, one of my biggest influences. I don't need to go into Hillmann's accomplishments as a designer, illustrator and teacher as they are many, and a great overview of Hillmann's life and work can be found in Lars Muller's brilliant new A5-series title Hans Hillmann: the Visual Work. Hillmann's work is simple, bold, elegant, funny, clever, and striking. I particularly love his juxtapositions of different scales in a single image, and the way in which his prolific output lent itself to a marriage with only one or two simple typefaces. Here are some posters of his that I could find on the web, but if you like what you see, click the link above and pick up that book-- an essential title for any artist or film lover's library. I LOVE THIS MAN.


Calvin V said...

Really interesting stuff. I really love the simplicity, and the amount of information in the simplicity. The colors are great. That's some awesome poster design.

Mike Davis said...

I really wanna know how he put that Pierre & Paul design together. Unreal.

Sam's Myth said...

Yeah, that design is particularly mindblowing. Not sure how he did it, but I do know that its an illustration. You really should see some of his later work, all illustrative paintings that you would love. That book I linked to is really the only way I know of to see a lot of it. An essential for the design library if you ask me!