I was introduced to the work of designer Neil Kellerhouse through his covers for the Criterion Collection, realizing that so many of my favorite Criterion covers that I couldn't stop staring at were all designed by the same man. Only after browsing his staggeringly impressive visual resume online did I realize that he's also responsible for the theatrical posters for THE SOCIAL NETWORK, I'M STILL HERE and THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE-- some of the best theatrical posters created in recent memory-- not to mention the freakin' FINDING NEMO title treatment. Dude doesn't mess around.

Neil obviously doesn't need my help promoting his stuff, but nonetheless I wanted to share with any unfamiliar readers some of these beautiful pieces of his. Visit Kellerhouse.com to see more, where he has nicely arranged a flow of images that include peeks at alternate and unused versions of his iconic posters and Criterion covers. I love his creative type arrangements and the overall tone and photographic beauty of his images. For now the man remains a mystery; I would love to see some process posts from him, a blog, or an occasional tweet, if you're out there Neil!

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awesome stuff!