Watch JESUS CAMP Online

For months, I've been telling you that you absolutely MUST SEE the new documentary JESUS CAMP. It is, in my opinion, the most important movie you'll see this year-- maybe in the past several years. Now you have no excuse: Courtesy of Daily Motion, you can watch the entire movie online. Sit back with your laptop or chip away at this over the next several days, but whatever you do, make time for it and prepare to be moved and amazed.

UPDATE: Once again, I have misled you. Hope you caught it, because it's been taken down... apparently the hosting was unauthorized.


Anonymous said...

It's been removed. Bye.

jason.jackowski said...


I was wondering if you felt that JESUS CAMP was still essential viewing in the wake of the recent turn of political events (i.e. the Democrats taking the House and Senate).
Also, don't you think now that Evangelicals are getting on the Global Warming train (faster than some on the left, too, I might add) that they are decidedly less dangerous?

Personally, I still believe extremism is a reprehensible ideology, but that OUR extremism in the US is much less scary than extremism elsewhere.

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

OUR extremism in the US? For real? The melting pot US? Founded by our freedom-loving forefathers? The US hosts extremism in all forms, hope you don't suggest that somehow Christianity is the only extreme religious idea rooted here? You will be mistaken if so.