The 2006 movies that made me cry: CARS ("Our Town"). WORLD TRADE CENTER ("You kept me alive"). SHUT UP AND SING ("The Long Way Around" / closing credits). And now, more so than any of these: THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS.

I'd say Will Smith gives the performance of the year, if it weren't for its being apples to Sacha Baron Cohen's oranges.

Now it's your turn to fess up. What movies choked you up this year?


Reel Fanatic said...

I have to confess that I teared up at the end of Little Miss Sunshine when little Abigail Breslin goes to that horrible beauty pageant .. it's pure schmaltz, but it worked for me

Anonymous said...

So true about that moment in Cars. My favorite part of the movie.

Jeff McMahon said...

United 93, when the endgame finally came to pass.

Raf said...

World Trade Center. what a piece of shit movie. normally i would shed a tear at that line but it's nicholas cage....you know why he couldn't get out of that building? because he couldnt' act his way out of the rubble. fuck mr. cage in that movie...and in the wicker man....and this is a pre-emptive fuck him for Ghostrider. i did like him in weather man though.

Sam's Myth said...

Yeah, but with every GHOSTRIDER and WICKER MAN there's an ADAPTATION and a LEAVING LAS VEGAS. He can great and he can be terrible: a total wild card.

What can I say, I just got caught up in WORLD TRADE CENTER. And I was very impressed and surprised that it was telling a true story about what really happened to two men. After the perfect UNITED 93 I was expecting WTC to be a piece of patriotic propoganda, but it just wasn't.