Feeling in need of some daily aesthetic inspiration? Here are a few sites that I frequent for this purpose. FFFFound.com refreshes with new bookmarked images from its invitation-only user group every few minutes, and the sheer volume of amazing images you'll find here can be overwhelming, from graphic design and typography to package design and photography. I've made it my home page so I can get a quick fix whenever I want to look at something cool. Explore FFFFound in small amounts, then get to the drawing board, camera or canvas before you overdose.

but does it float presents groups of images every couple days in ghostly, mysterious procession. For a greater survey of what curators Folkert & Atley have been posting, try the macro view or the index of categories on their right hand site menu. I've discovered some amazing artists here.

New to my radar is Designers Go To Heaven, curated by talented designer Andrei D. Robu. This daily selection of design finds seems to speak directly to me... More than just daily inspiration, sites like this turn me onto artists and designers that beg further study and end up having a huge influence on my style and ambitions. If I made a site of my favorite designs I've ever found online, it would look almost exactly like this. Here are a few friendly faces I found there just today alone:

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