TOP 10 OF 2010: #5

Okay so it's another big head poster... this is becoming a trend in this series... but in my defense, originally I wanted to find a good usable image of the back of Clooney's head for this one-- its a shot that director Anton Corbijn hones in on over and over in the film and I really like the subjectivity it conveys (see also: ENTER THE VOID), but I couldn't find one in any trailers or stills. So I just played around and perhaps fell back on some standard tricks to come up with something to post today. I love the original poster, which ended up becoming one inspiration for my CARLOS poster, and don't feel I could improve on it much other than to do something more elegant and moody to compliment the tone of Corbijn's film, which feels like the closest thing to a 60's euro-thriller to come out of Hollywood in a while, at least this year.

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mythopolis said...

I like the way his shoulders seem another hillside, and his face an out-cropping like a city unto itself.