Just when I thought I had seen it all at the outer limits of the Polish poster, I discover Polish book covers. Fans of Polish art and design have until now relied on fantastic posts at sites like 50 Watts to get their fix. I'm now aware that many of them can be found in a hardback book, curated by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński and entitled One Thousand Polish Book Covers, which seems to be the definitive tome on this incredibly deep and diverse visual world.

For fun, and in celebration of this book's existence, 50 Watts has announced their contest to design a Polish-style cover for your favorite book, with a $400 cash prize. I plan on entering as a fun exercise, and if you're an artist or illustrator, you should too, as its not very hard to get inspired when looking at this stuff.

Here are some of my favorites introduced to me by 50 Watts - all of these images come courtesy of Will Schofield and his valliant work on that blog, so please check out his other posts here and here to see many more. And if Polish childrens books are your thing, feast your eyes on the Mizieliński's mind-blowing personal collection, chronicled on this blog.



Forgotten pumpkins

While traveling in Croatia, I discovered the work of Inge K. Cimic in a Dubrovnik gallery, and brought home these postcards. I know nothing about the artist or where she is from, and I haven't been able to find much of anything about her online. If anyone knows any more information about her or her art, please leave a comment. I love the charming fancifulness of the trees, villages and landscapes and the mystery these images contain, like illustrations from some lost fairy tales.

A big surprise

Winter morning

Winter motif


I made this poster for this year's Nashville Film Festival which starts this weekend. Inspired by UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES. This poster isn't in print or for sale... just made to encourage people to check out the film and the festival in general.



Dave Paulson of The Privates has released a new EP as NORM. He asked me to whip some artwork overnight for the cover. Download the excellent NORM EP on Bandcamp here.



David Klein was an incredibly prolific and influential illustrator who is most well known for his iconic vintage travel posters (about which I will most definitely post again soon), but thanks to one of my favorite blogs Stickers & Stuff, I just stumbled across his posters he made for The Heights Players, a Brooklyn community theater founded in 1956. Klein designed plenty of wonderful posters for proper Broadway shows as well, but these have a remarkable unifying style that is playful, colorful and iconic. I absolutely adore his color schemes and his great lettering, from the playful Saul-Bass style block letters of On the Town and The Caine Mutiny Court Marshall to the perfect modern elegance of his Glass Menagerie title treatment. I'm too inspired to look at these any longer... I must go draw!