Tristen has just launched the Kickstarter page for the self-release of her new record CAVES.  In addition to playing a little on the record, I did the design and layout and I couldn't be more proud to be involved with this release. The album cover photo is by Bekah Cope. The back cover art seen above will be offered as one of the Kickstarter rewards as a limited edition print. Check out the video and lend your support here.



Here's a new piece for the Nashville Symphony's upcoming Harmonic Convergence concert. I've been fortunate enough to work on a few pieces for the Symphony this season and I'll have some more to share soon.



Cinema Sound is back with a vengeance! Use the Soundcloud widget below to stream or download Cinema Sound 2012, an hour-long continuous mix of some of the best instrumental film music of the year. To listen THE COOL WAY, don't look at the tracklisting above; Just enjoy the mix as one piece and see what you recognize. But the tracklist above will help you identify anything that you like, and I encourage listeners to please support the commercial releases of these soundtracks (one of which I'll be designing new cover art for as my first project of 2013).

For this mix I wanted things to segue nicely, and so certain memorable cues may be absent in the interest of the greater flow. A "director's cut" of this mix is likely to follow, which may include other tracks I couldn't include here. Enjoy... and for more past and future score mixes, visit and follow Cinema Sound.