I''m heading over to Kangaroo Press to whip up these screenprints for the Belcourt Theatre's second annual 12 HOURS OF TERROR, an all-day horror movie fest Saturday October 27th from noon 'til midnight. I'll be there selling these screenprints that afternoon, so come down, see some horror classics, and pick up a commemorative print to spooken up your bedroom until next October. Get tickets here including a special bundle that includes a screenprint. 

Oh and follow this tumblr for a taste of what's in store.



Here is an illustration I was commissioned to create for the Japanese 35mm release of Robert Bresson's FOUR NIGHTS OF A DREAMER ("BYAKUYA" in Japanese). My first piece of art made specifically for a Japanese audience, I couldn't be more proud to be involved with this restoration of Bresson's most rarely seen (and uncharacteristically romantic) feature, coming to Eurospace theatres just after the esteemed retrospective of Bresson's films made its way around the US. This illustration, as well as the drawings below featuring some memorable images from the film, will be featured in the program book for this release. Learn more at Byakuya2012.



Another poster for The Stone Fox, for a show next week featuring one of Nashville's best rock and roll bands, Natural Child. I'm going to try to do these as often as I can. If you're in Nashville, check out The Stone Fox!


Design Bookshelf: GRAPHIS ANNUAL 72/73

Selected scans from Graphis Annual 72/73. Designers credited below each image. Click each image to enlarge. Remember you can pick up Graphis Annual: The Essential 1952-1986 for a great overview of these decades in design. Pictured above: cover for the graphic design magazine Gebauchsgraphik by the great Roman Cieslewicz (see more covers in this Aqua Velvet post by Sandi Vincent).

G. Leblanc ad, Dean Michalkiewicz / Chuck Wimmer / Ray-Domingo

Art Directors Club of Los Angeles newsletter, Don Weller

calendar illustration, Clarence Taylor / Claude Sanders

Cairnmiller Institute annual report, Barbie Tucker

book cover, Willi Baum / Jane Teiko

Clifton W. Karhu / Henry Steiner

Medicament & Environment booklet, Walter Baumann / Studio Rau

Bang & Olufsen booklet, Werner Neertoft / Vagn Henriksen

Naturwissenschaft cover, Erwin Poell (see more at Things To Look At)


If you're like me, your favorite beer is Guinness. And you'll want to head to this eBid search page where you can pick up any of these wonderfully illustrated Guinness staff magazines for around $5 each (except the one above, cause I just bought it). Sadly I don't know who illustrated any of these, except for the cover above which was done by André Amstutz, a British illustrator known mainly for his children's book covers for Allan Ahlberg, including a series of playful covers for their "Funnybones" series.