I'm really happy to share this poster I designed for Cinefil Imagica's release of FANTASTIC PLANET on Blu-ray in Japan, as well as the below inlay and booklet designs. The poster will be an exclusive for Japanese customers who purchase the Blu-ray at certain retail stores. Even if you've seen this classic, surreal animated film from René Laloux and Jiri Trnka Studios, you've never seen it like this; Cinefil Imagica has produced a gorgeous restoration more colorful and striking than any I've seen. The region-free Blu-ray is available September 27th. (note for English-speaking customers: it does not contain English subtitles)



Jakub Erol's Polish posters had it all. Surreal illustrated portraits of transformed heads and hands, creative photograph treatments, colorful cartoon drawings, you name it. He's one of the Polish poster artists you can't necessarily pin down to one recognizable style. But when you see an Erol poster, you know it's an Erol poster. Here are some of my favorites, starting with the above poster for WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S, a combination of type and image so interesting that it became one of the first Polish posters I added to my collection. Erol's work is certain to please 80's movie lovers, with his striking designs for THE TERMINATOR, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and MY STEPMOTHER IS AN ALIEN (another personal favorite), all seen below. See more at Terry Posters.