Carolyn Sewell, or Pedestrian Typography as she's known on Flickr, seems to have come to the end of her Postcards to My Parents project, in which she sent a doodle a day to her folks for a whole year. I love self-initiated projects like this that really allow an artist to focus on one thing in mass repetition. Carolyn's hand-written typography that is playful yet elegant, playing with puns and pop-culture references that her parents are apparently hip enough to appreciate, and picks great color schemes for her messages so that no two cards are alike. I don't know how they were made -- the colors seem digital at first, but I'm thinking it's all paint pen on colored paper -- but I love and admire them, and find the whole project very inspiring and meaningful.


Carolyn said...

What a rad article...forwarding to Mom & Dad now! (and yes, they have hip senses of humor...thank God!). And sorry for confusing you...was home for a week and thought I'd take a group shot while there. But I still have one more month to go. Still trying to figure out if I know how to stop. :o)

Cheers and thanks!

Sam's Myth said...

Oh, wow, another month to go! My mistake. Well thank you for all the great work and thanks for saying hi!

Anonymous said...

These are delightful!!! Photos from Carolyn's flicker are like jellybeans....I love the colors.....This project reminds me of Don Cobb's lunch bag drawings, he did daily for his kids when they were growing up....Wondering if he has held on to that collection..surely he has....thanks for sharing, Sam.....from Judi

Sam's Myth said...

Judi, if you check this again -- I was just telling someone about Don's lunchbag drawings yesterday, in relation to this same post! I'm sure he does have them. Maybe I could convince him to let me scan them and post them on my blog??

Also, I'm surprised you haven't commented on the Alain Grée post just above this one. I think you're going to love his illustrations.