Last Friday night, Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles held their fourth "Crazy 4 Cult" art show featuring all movie-inspired pieces. Unfortunately I had not caught Gallery 1988's eye by the time this show was booked, as I would have loved to have participated, but I'm happy to say that I'll be taking part in a couple of their shows next year so stay tuned for more about that. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the show that are viewable online. The great piece above, "Loompaland," was made by APAK, a design team that I'll be posting more about very soon. Please check out some more work by these artists by following these links, and check out Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles and San Francisco for lots of great shows.

Mike Mitchell

Eric Tan


Germain said...

You gotta look at the website for many of the pieces that didn't make it online anywhere else.


For example, check out the amazing Andrew DeGraff pieces or the amazing Eternal Sunshine piece by
Danielle Rizzolo.

Sam's Myth said...

Thanks G-baby for the link to see them all, and yeah those specifically are great. A lotta the same films represented multiple times, interesting. What did you get?

Germain said...

Well the ones I got are on the print page:


But I got the Tan BTTF, the Horwatt BTTF2, the Schaefer Shaun and both Rushmore prints, though I'm looking to sell the Slater because the size doesn't fit with the scheme of my room.