It's a good day for the flick poster world. Just recently, UK design firm All City Media held their tenth-anniversary party and for this occasion asked several artists to pick a film from their poster portfolio and come up with their own. Thus: All City Redrawn. After a teaser image or two from the party, All City has now posted large(r) versions of all the posters (landscape, or "quad" style) on their site, with a limited edition of prints available for a pretty penny (150 pounds). If money grew on trees, I would snag Markus Walters' print for SPIRITED AWAY. Tyler Stout, already a legendary flick poster artist, released some copies of his LET THE RIGHT ONE IN print (above) recently; maybe some of these other artists will follow suit. A great batch of posters... see the rest of them at All City.

Markus Walters

Jeff Finley

Chris Comella

John Calvert

Oliver Barrett

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