I'm proud to share this new poster I made I made for Janus Films for Fassbinder's sci-fi epic WORLD ON A WIRE. A mind-bending paranoia thriller whose source novel has been considered one of the first to imagine virtual reality, you can think of it as Germany's modern sci-fi masterpiece just as ALPHAVILLE is to France and SOLARIS is to Russia. Head over to Adrian Curry's Movie Poster of the Week column at MUBI for more details and a too-kind write-up, and be on the lookout for this new restoration touring the country starting this summer.

UPDATE: The poster can now be purchased at the Criterion store.


Susan said...

Love the design, especially the square block you cropped out that looks like a golden eye, the one you're using as your emoticon for twitter. It's brilliant, really, great color choices. On my computer screen, the eye looks positively metallic.

(stumbled upon that -- usually only on facebook).

Susan said...

Great design! Love the cropped out square you're using as your twitter emoticon which looks like a golden eye. Great choice of color and shading -- the eye looks positively metallic on my computer screen. -- Susan

(Usually just on facebook, but stumbled upon this).

Ákos Polgárdi said...

I'm not sure about the gradients in the vertical stripes, but the overall design is quite impressive.