Neil Kellerhouse's UNDER THE SKIN tops my list of movie poster designs of the year, but it's practically a tie with THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL which, along with every prop and printed material in the film itself, was designed by Annie Atkins. Some other favorites can be seen below-- outstanding beacons of hope in a wasteland of 2014 theatrical poster design.

Adrian Curry also has a nice list, as always, at Movie Poster of the Week.

design: Annie Atkins

Design: Akiko Stehrenberger

Design: Brandon Schaefer

Design: Neil Kellerhouse

Design (clockwise from top left): Dustin Stanton, BLT Communications (designer unknown), Erik Buckham, Jay Shaw

And as "alternative" movie posters by Mondo and the like continue to soar leaps and bounds above where theatrical posters are often allowed to go, I have to also give honorable mention to two of my favorites this year, We Buy Your Kids' THE FLY and Martin Ansin's tribute to the 1966 BATMAN.

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