Founding member of Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, passed away this week. As a lover of ambient and electronic music, I have spent some time over the past few years digging through the vast Tangerine Dream catalog and picking out what I consider to be the peak moments in Froese's career, mostly falling during the early-to-middle era of the Dream, of which Froese has been the only consistent member through the years. A primer, if you will. Download and listen here.

Sunrise in the Third System (TANGERINE DREAM - Alpha Centauri, 1971)
Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares (TANGERINE DREAM - Phaedra, 1973)
Panorphelia (EDGAR FROESE - Aqua, 1974)
Epsilon in Malaysian Pale (excerpt) (EDGAR FROESE - Epsilon in Malaysian Pale, 1975)
Ricochet, Pt. 2 (excerpt) (TANGERINE DREAM - Ricochet, 1975)
Betrayal / Sorcerer Theme (TANGERINE DREAM - Sorcerer OST, 1977)
Nights of Automatic Women (EDGAR FROESE - Ages, 1978)
Scarlet Score for Mescalero (EDGAR FROESE - Stuntman, 1979)
Thru Metamorphic Rocks (excerpt) (TANGERINE DREAM - Force Majeure, 1979)
Logos (excerpt) (TANGERINE DREAM - Logos Live, 1982)
Snake Bath (EDGAR FROESE - Kamikaze 1989 OST, 1982)
Pinnacles (EDGAR FROESE - Pinnacles, 1983)
Ancient Powerplant (Jacul) (TANGERINE DREAM - The Keep OST, 1983)
Mojave End Title Reprise (TANGERINE DREAM - Wavelength OST, 1983)
Love on a Real Train (TANGERINE DREAM - Risky Business OST, 1984)
Crystal Voice (TANGERINE DREAM - Firestarter OST, 1984)

In addition to Tangerine Dream's well-known film scores for SORCERER, THE KEEP, and many other films, Froese composed perhaps his finest soundtrack for the obscure German cyberpunk thriller KAMIKAZE 89, which I will link to in full below. Also below for further viewing: Tangerine Dream live at Coventry Cathedral in 1975, and a video of Froese doing his thing on a garden patio for German television in 1981.

"There is no death. Just a change of cosmic address." - Edgar Froese (1944-2015)

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