Tonight, Nashville becomes Trashville, as Harmony Korine's TRASH HUMPERS premieres at the Belcourt, after which about 400 Nashvillians won't be able to look at a curbside recycling bin the same way ever again. I was honored to create this screenprint celebrating tonight's event with the technical assistance of Andy Vastagh at Boss Construction. It's a two-color print, black and yellow, at 18x24, limited to an edition of 100. They'll be for sale at the Belcourt starting tonight. Here's the first screen down on paper:

We then experimented with yellow ink of varying opacity to create the right effect in the 2nd screen, which has the film's characters set into the background. I wanted them to just be barely visible, or at least not noticeable at first glance, but to still have a strong yellow tone for the central tape label. You can see a nice blueish reflection when looking at the print at an angle.

We ultimately went a little darker with it but I think the basic effect was achieved.

At the end of the run I threw some blue ink on the screen to see what happened:

Off to trim, sign and edition the prints now, then to get my humpin' face on for tonight! Check out the Nashville Scene's cover story on the film, and the video below featuring one of the humpers tracking down Jim "Riddler" Ridley.

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