I'm proud to announce this new print celebrating the new film from my old Nashville friend Harmony Korine. This print will be available for purchase at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville this Friday, May 28th at the regional premiere of TRASH HUMPERS. I'll be printing this at Boss Construction as always with the help of Andy Vastagh, tomorrow or Friday before the film. Check my Twitter for print process pics.

I was blown away by Harmony's latest work and its an honor to be involved tangentially in the local movement supporting it. It was extremely difficult designing a concept for this unique film experience. Ultimately, the only concept I felt confident about ended up being the idea of avoiding the imagery from the film almost completely and paying tribute to the aesthetic concept behind the film (saying "film" over and over about this project is beyond ironic). Thus the VHS tape pile; Harmony has described Trash Humpers as a kind of artifact, like something bizarre you would find in an old pile of discarded tapes in someone's basement. To create this collage, I went through some old boxes of VHS tapes -- taped TV programs, home movies, and school videos-- and took photos of the tapes and boxes, which was fun. Below are a couple of other abandoned concepts in rough draft form that I didn't feel were good enough to pursue to completion.

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