To anyone checking in -- sorry for the lack of posts the past week or two. I've suddenly had a handful of amazing projects fall into my lap and haven't had much free time to post. Many cool things to be announced soon, so do check back.

I'm currently wrapping up a wedding invitation for a good friend of mine, and I'll be letterpressing the invites with the great Bryce McCloud of Isle of Printing -- one of Nashville's true treasures and a print-lover's pleasure dome. One of my biggest inspirations for the design was the work of the late, great Alexander Girard, specifically the layout of this menu design I've translated for the invite. I just love everything Girard, and thankfully House Industries does to, and has released the finest collection of Girard products imaginable: a typeface, custom 3d letters, a wooden nativity scene, cloth dolls, an animal puzzle, a memory game, and a set of children's blocks. Visit the site above to see more great images of these little works of art. Needless to say, my future child's nursery room is gonna be Girardesque. Here's more from the man.


Calvin V said...

I'm really happy to see you do a post on Girard. He's one of my favorite designers. I even shelved out 170 to get one of the wooden dolls that vitra makes.

Amanda Quinn said...

Sam - great to come upon your blog through Alexander Girard. His work was timeless and an inspiration.