Nate Wey - aka Natron Dreaming - is one of the first people I bumped into moving into my sophmore dorm at NYU. We instantly became best friends, the kind to whom you can share anything you love with and know that the person will most likely be on the exact same page. Nate and I had lots of fun at NYU being roommates, having parties, talking about films, art and girls, making music, taking pictures, shooting films, and wandering around exploring and observing the beauty and magic of New York City. Nate currently resides in Portland, where you can often hear him perform as his experimental pop alias The Happy Prescriptions at a gallery, house or club around town. Natron also works for Hollywood doing sound, and has gained a following online for his photography, which I'm sharing with you here today.

Nate's photographic eye never ceases to amaze me. Across a range of subjects and styles, Nate always captures interesting compositions, moments and colors in a way that is always interesting. I particularly love some of his more abstract images. Why he's not being paid by top ad agencies to take photographs is beyond my understanding. I asked Nate a few quick questions to accompany this piece. Enjoy the photography and experience more at the Lynchian HappyPrescriptions.com, where you can stream or purchase Nate's music and see his most recent short film, a surreal, Van-Sant-esque video for his song "Animal."

Sam's Myth: What kind of camera(s) do you primarily use to take photographs?

Natron Dreaming: Right now a Pentax, but I tend to break cameras pretty quickly, so I basically use whatever I find at Goodwill... My favorite was a
plastic SLR called a Konika but I broke the shutter while drunk at a
friends wedding. It was sad.

Pick your favorite thing to shoot. a) landscapes b) girls c) abstractions d) can't decide

Either d) or a)

What are you listening to these days?

In my room its been early Stones, Pierre Henri (60s electronic
guy), this Portland band called Upsidedown, James Carr, this soul comp
called Magic Potion, and Elvis's Sun Sessions. Paul McCartney's Ram,
this gospel comp called "Life is Hard", and Love & Rocket's "Express"
have been my cooking music.

Name three of your favorite places in Portland.

Forest Park, The Sandy River @ Oxbow Park, Laurelhurst area.

Name three of your favorite places in the world.

Paris, New York (esp. the Brooklyn Bridge), the Pacific Ocean ...Nebraska sand dunes get an honorable mention, as does driving through
the hills in Idaho.

What's a book that you think everyone should read?

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle.

What all is on your desk right now?

Blank CD-Rs, a few notecards with to do lists, a flashlight, a
small empty coffee mug with a lightbulb on it, my cell phone, lead for
mechanical pencils, my laptop and my speakers. A midi keyboard in arms
length of the desk.

What are a few films you've seen recently that have blown your mind?

Just re-watched Breathless tonight and loved it even more than
before. For the first time I recently saw Miller's Crossing and For
All Mankind
, both of which blew my mind. The other day I talked to a
friend about the movie Microcosmos, which, though I haven't seen in a
couple years, left a strong effect on me. I saw that movie the same
night as watching They Live. Its a good double feature.

For more of Nate's photography, check out his Flickr page. Thanks Natron!

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Amazing photos!!!!! - Bethany

I've known Nate for only a few months, and I LOVE Nate!!!!! - Alessio