POLAND magazine covers, courtesy of Jeremy Pettis. This was a magazine from the 60's and 70's that featured Polish writings, art, illustration and other various cultural articles. Visit his Flickr page for more of these and other great things.


gettingandspending said...

I used to buy Poland magazine when I was in art school, for its fabulous covers, and the wealth of text inside - it was a rel bargain! I kept my copies for many years, and then in a foolish moment, when I didn't have money to frame the covers, and storage space was tight, I trashed them. I have regretted it now for many years.

Ed said...

Yah, I would have bought them from you. I used to get them too, pretty inspiring.

Anonymous said...

My Dad got me a subscription back in the day and I put the covers on my living room wall. WOW what an impact. Loved those magazines and where are they now? HA