Mondo Cane, 1964, by Zamecznik Wojciech.

MovieGoods.com is selling a $9.99 reproduction of this, but I'm not sure of the quality. Has anyone ever ordered a $9.99 11x17 reproduction from them?


Adrian said...

Funny, I hadn't seen your post when I did my type-over-faces piece on Mubi last week, but when I was searching for earlier examples, this was one that I bookmarked. I didn't use it because it wasn't quite in the same vein, but it's very cool nonetheless.

As for MovieGoods, I'm not sure. I've seen some Zeitgeist designs on that site which I know we never printed up so I assume they reprint things themselves. If you end up ordering from them let me know.

altwhitemale said...

After ordering from MovieGoods a few years back I waited a month and finally received an inkjet print. Unfortunately, the inkjet print did not include any cyan. MovieGoods offered to send a new print (from their supplier) but I was under deadline and opted for a refund. So I would say they're a good resource for research but don't expect a quality print.