This is stupid, but after all the making fun of the official poster for THE KING'S SPEECH-- one of this year's Oscar-bait dramadies about Britain's King George VI (Colin Firth) and his speech therapist-- I decided to take a few minutes and give it the Polish poster treatment for fun. It's crap and it's rough (King George VI mashed with period-era microphone), but I wanted to see if a completely abstract, tonally inaccurate design could make for just as good a poster as the old standby floating-head-montage poster that we were treated to with this one. I don't really know the answer, but it was a fun 30-minute experiment!


cinema quote said...

i loooove your site, caught it in a twit.
please come over to mine and tell me what u think.

jon said...

I quite like your Polish poster treatment - apart from the head. Nice experiment. I have over 300 polish posters so am well familiar with the art.