I just left Nashville for a short 3-week tour playing with Ben Folds. Before I left I had the opportunity to design this tour poster for Ben, which will be available at all the shows. It may be for sale online too in which case I'll update this with a link. If you're nearby for any of these shows come check it out and say hi!


Anonymous said...

Love the poster, hope its available online 'cuz y'all wont be close to me this time

Shea Anderson said...

Nice job. I'm seeing that framed on my wall.

Shea said...


Any chance of purchasing a copy of this poster, signed by the artist? It really is terrific. I find myself coming back to check it out, each time I don't find it for sale on BenFolds.com.

I tweet as @SheaAnderson (I follow you) if you'd like to to give me a price and a PayPal account.

Thanks, man.

Shea said...

Was at the Warfield last Friday. Was hoping to get this poster. Am I out of luck?

You were terrific, BTW.

Sam's Myth said...

Hey Shea, I'm so sorry you didn't get a poster. I think they may have run out of them on this last run. If I can get my hands on any extras, I will most certainly let you know.