After her first film role in Sergio Leone's ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, a young Jennifer Connelly was cast in the leading role of PHENOMENA (aka CREEPERS), a classic of 80's Italian horror that remains somewhat underappreciated despite being a personal favorite of its own director, Dario Argento. The next year, she starred in Jim Henson's LABYRINTH. When Spoke Art and the Castro Theatre asked me to pick a new poster subject from their fantastic September slate, I went right to Friday the 14th, where the Castro would present a late-night Jennifer Connelly double feature of these two 80's Connelly classics. If only I could be there to see them back-to-back in 35mm.

For the occasion, I am so proud to present these two screenprints which are now available at Spoke Art and which will also be for sale at the Castro this weekend, where early patrons will also get a commemorative lobby card. We printed these at Kangaroo Press, each an 18x24" two-color print in which the 2nd layer reveals these glow-in-the-dark hidden images:

Thanks for the movies Jennifer, and thanks to Spoke Art and the Castro Theatre!

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Anonymous said...

how fun sam! glow in the dark!