An art book devoted to the pages of Polish magazine Ty i Ja would make for an interesting look at Polish culture in the 60's, and a companion to the newfound micro-academia surrounding the poster art of the Polish poster school. Founded in 1959, the monthly magazine celebrated all facets of culture from poetry and literature to theatre and film. Legendary poster designers like Roman Cieslewicz and Eryk Lipinski contributed cover and interior designs regularly, and Cieslewicz served as art director there for its first three years.

This month, my new design podcast with Brandon Schaefer, The Poster Boys, will dig into the art and politics of the Polish poster school. Until we record, I'm basking in as much research as possible, and couldn't forget to share these Ty i Ja covers, several of which come respectfully from Savanah Design.

Pictogram also shows off a remarkable collection of advertisements from Ty i Ja here that are must-sees.

While I'm at it, I'll go ahead and collect here all of my other posts on Polish graphic design. Check them out if interested:



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