I'm thrilled to have sent a guest post over to my favorite art site on the net, 50 Watts, highlighting one of my favorite recent book finds. I found this at Cedok, an adorable book and zakka shop hidden around Akihabara in Tokyo (I had to ask a few locals before I found the entryway leading up to the 2nd floor location). On all levels, it's one of the most amazing and beautiful shops I've ever visited in my life. The kind Japanese owner and his wife were quite surprised to see a young white guy with a backpack coming in looking specifically for vintage and strange Czech childrens books. Thankfully this was their specialty, and we got on splendidly. His first recommendation from his incredible collection was this title, Prastene Pohadke illustrated by Bohumil Stepan (translates to something like Wacky Fairy Tales), and that if I were to only buy one book it should be this one (I bought many, and even got an extra thrown in after putting the owner on the list for my show in Tokyo... gotta love a good barter). To see more Wacky Pohadke visit Will Schofield's 50 Watts.

On this night I ran to find an ATM six blocks away before the shop closed, then wore out my feet and body in Akihabara's vast electronic and toy mecca until it all shut down, with treasures from Cedok on my back. Below, Cedok's card , some pictures from inside the shop, and the cover of the owner's impressive and beautifully designed book on the history of Czech illustrators, bookshops and popular childrens characters. Thank you so much to the owners of Cedok for sharing these treasures with us. Visit them if you can, and in the meantime follow Cedok on Twitter and visit their official Japanese sites for books and zakka.


mythopolis said...

This is a very inspiring post! I loved reading about your exploration of these shops in Tokyo, and your finds. And, I also think its time for you to venture into this wonderful world of children's book illustration yourself!!

josefskrhola said...

Praštěné pohádky was my favourite book in my childhood. Thank to remind me it.