Here's one of my favorite posters from 1998, a time when I was really falling in love with film, and Alfonso Cuaron's beautiful adaptation of GREAT EXPECTATIONS became (and still remains) an underrated favorite of mine. This teaser poster, which I still remember seeing in the Lion's Head theater lobby, stars not young star Gwyneth Paltrow, but Francesco Clemente's beautiful painted portrait of her, one of over 200 pieces that Clemente painted for the film as stand-ins for the artwork of Ethan Hawke's Finn. As a teaser, it foreshadows Cuaron's lush color palette, all overgrown greens and golden hair. I loved the studio's decision to market this Christmas release with this painting alone. See more of Clemente's work as it is integrated perfectly into the film and its credits sequences, and more of his work here.

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alexis said...

im so glad you love this movie.