As a lover of design and all things visual, I am constantly bookmarking images I love, buying book covers to collect, looking at posters online, but rarely does something I see stop me in my tracks completely as did these postcards by Swedish designer Maria Holmer Dahlgren. Images so perfectly composed, colored and realized that you wish you had made them, so miniature and perfect that you wish you could enlarge and frame them on your wall, so imaginative that you feel like you're traveling through Sweden in your daydreams. These designs are simply perfect to me, everything I could hope for in a collectible Swedish postcard set. Now they are just one more reason to visit your regional IKEA, besides the Expedit shelves, elderberry syrup and cinnamon rolls. Here are the five designs commissioned for their postcard pack, and here's where you can read more about Maria, which is what I'm about to do myself, before planning which of these places to visit first:

More here and at Grain Edit.

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