My friend and bandmate is currently living in a house where an older gentleman recently passed away, leaving behind all of his old things. There are beautiful mid-century furniture pieces and lamps around, neat vintage art, shelves upon shelves of paperback books, assorted strange trinkets and things, and in the basement a small stack of old board games. I'm both a board game geek and a lover of retro package design; when Wes Anderson set a scene inside a board game closet in THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS I just about lost my mind. This game, BOOBY TRAP, caught my eye and we quickly tried to figure out the rules knowing only what we saw on the front cover (there were no rules included in the old box, manufactured in 1964). We found that our rules were pretty on target after finding a PDF of the vintage instructions online. It's a really fun little game, and the box design is great. Looks like it was reissued a few times and a new, unpleasantly-designed version with a shitty plastic spring box is available. I might have to pick up this version off eBay. Oh and by the way, I didn't realize the double meaning of the title in relation to its game pieces until later, so don't feel bad if it wasn't obvious to you at first either.

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Ashley Cotter-Cairns said...

That's one of the nicest old board games I've seen for a while. Would be very pleased to publish a little review if you would care to write one?