Here are some photos of a neat vintage childrens book I picked up at Avol's in Madison, WI. Translating by Google as "The White Conch," its written in Swedish although the writer, Benno Pludra, is German. Searching the title online, I can't find a single thing about this book. Nor can I understand exactly what's going on in it, except that it centers around a young blonde boy (like me) who lives by the sea, meets a girl, talks on the beach with a man and some other kids in town, and at some point meets/dreams about a penguin who comes out of a chest and takes him on a night flight in his bed. Strangely enough I don't see any pictures of a white conch to speak of. More images from this book and others on my Flickr page.


Panda Parables said...

oh man...i love this. i am a huge sucker for this sort of thing. nice to run into you at the Y the other day!

Sam's Myth said...

I'm with you Katie, and there's much more where this came from! Check out the blog A Journey Around My Skull (or their Flickr page) for some truly amazing stuff. Good to see you too, and thanks for reading!