Meet Simon Page, a designer from the UK who caught my eye with his well-circulated International Year of Astronomy posters created last year. I love Simon's passion for colors, shapes and patterns. Being mathematically minded, his work is prolific, resulting in many combinations of geometric and compositional experiments. Some of them are extremely intricate--artistic compositions of controlled chaos-- but my eye gravitates towards the his more minimal stuff, which includes some nice typographic designs. As an astronomy geek myself, I must say that these posters are my favorites of his (he followed the original series with a second, "Beyond..." in 2010), but I'm posting a couple other favorites as well. The "Tidal Rainbow" design above I own as a print, and is meant to suggest a view out the window of a ship. Simple and perfect. Simon just started doing design work recently, so I'm excited to see what happens for him next. Check out his official site, see more of his International Year of Astronomy prints, and follow him on Twitter if you like. Cheers, Simon!

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Simon Page said...

Cheers Sam and thanks for the feature!