As research for a project I'm working on, I wanted to take a look back at the many wonderful posters designed for the films of Jacques Tati, the French art-comedy genius whose work has been made available to us on DVD here in the States by The Criterion Collection. I love the giant bold fields of color, the hand-painted lettering, and the playful caricature shared by them all. I've credited the artist when known; the masterful one-sheet for Mon Oncle seen above was designed by Pierre Étaix, a friend of Tati's who then went on to direct films of his own that have remained unavailable and unreleased despite great critical acclaim (a petition supporting the restoration of these prints includes the signiature of Jean-Luc Godard among others). Any of these beautiful originals are well worth the pretty penny you'll find them listed for online. One day when I'm rich and famous, one of these will adorn my wall.

René Peron

René Ferracci

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Calvin V said...

Trafic is one of my favorite criterion covers, I had no idea it was based on the original film poster. Each one has it's own style yet they all fit together perfectly. I also love how brilliant the colors are, and the design is pretty much the opposite of the out of touch Monsieur Hulot. Brilliant stuff.