I recently was lucky enough to find a copy of this oversized book released by Penguin in 1990: The Soviet Arts Poster: Theatre, Cinema, Ballet, Circus, 1917-1987. It should go without saying that I think Soviet poster art to be one of the greatest things ever, and this book covers so many artists, styles, movements, and subjects within the arts, with large reproductions of the posters to study in detail. A goldmine. I'm going to have to do a second installment of pictures from this book at some point soon; there are just too many great ones I want to share. And I'm looking forward to learning more about so many of these wonderful artists.

I apologize for the poor quality of some of these pictures. This book is way too large to scan with my current scanner, my digital camera is doing some kind of optical distortion which causes the straight edges to curve (any tips on getting rid of this? It drives me crazy!), and some of the photos came out blurry. So many people out there are more talented at photographing and scanning book pages than I am... until I get a better setup, these will have to do as teasers... Hopefully anyone interested might find a copy of this great book floating around out there. Here are a few of my favorites; head over to my Flickr page to see the rest.

The Stenberg Brothers, The Arsenal, 1929

A. Gan, First Exhibition of Contemporary Architecture, 1927

Mark Levin, The Circus, 1968

Anatoly Yakushim, The First All-Russian Prints Exhibition, USSR Artists Union, 1974

Igor Maistrovsky, 'Polygamist: Operation', 1978

Gunars Zemgals, The Time of the Land-surveyors, 1980

Alfred Saldre, Spring Exhibition of Tallinn Artists, 1974

V. Jarmut and E. Karmas, Illmar Torn: Drawings, Pastels: Exhibition, 1984

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