Oh yeah! I have a Shop! Well, kind of. I had some extra copies of some of the prints I've made over the past year and I thought I'd set up a temporary little online store to make them available to folks wherever they are. I've got plans for new prints, new reprints, and a new, bigger and better shop in the near future-- still figuring out what my best option will be for that. For now, feel free to give my new little Shop a try by clicking the somewhat distracting red tab seen at the top of this page, or the "SHOP" link on the right-hand margin under ABOUT SAM. The shop, brought to you by Vendr, currently only accepts Paypal. The prints that I have for sale right now are:

- Kurosawa Centennial Belcourt print
- Trash Humpers Belcourt print
- Noir Fest 2 Belcourt print (available in two styles)
- Paper Hats gig poster
- Sebastian Speaks gig poster

Thanks and stay tuned for more prints!

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