Childrens Bookshelf: ALAIN GRÉE

The art of Alain Grée makes me very, very happy. Here are some pictures from "Les plantes", one book in a series of many released by Casterman in the 60's & 70's. Grée wrote and illustrated over 300 books in his career, most of them for children, and in his later life has devoted himself to writing about and enjoying his main passion, sailing, while working with the company RicoBel to release products based on his work to children and collectors of the world. In a recent interview for his official website, Grée was asked why he originally wanted to become an illustrator; His reply: "to be able to have the freedom to sail across the world on my ship together with my wife Monique, far away from the usual phonecalls and meetings, living from my royalties, in my dreams." Sounds like a perfect life goal to me, and one admirably fulfilled. Some images from "Les plantes" and some of my other favorites by the French master of illustration, Alain Grée:

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